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Telecommunication Industry

Company Profile

Our client is a leader in Canadian telecommunications. As  an integrated communications company specializing in cable broadcasting, interactive multimedia development, Internet access services, cable telephony and wireless telephone services, its mission is to provide its customers with the best possible experience, while remaining the most profitable firm in its industry. Read more...

Business Challenge

With the expansion of its service offerings to all areas of integrated communications and a significant increase in its subscriber base in each product line, it was obvious that the ‘in-house’ Billing and Customer Care mainframe system was no longer adequate. The company decided to move to a new state-of-the-art Customer and Order Care system, based on the ConceptWave Order Care Suite, with the flexibility and openness required to manage multi-service offerings.
The main challenge here was migrating the customer, customer service and configuration data into the new system while both systems kept evolving to meet changes in business requirements and the addition of new business functions such as launch of the mobile telephony product line.  This context required not only successful migration but also the definition and implementation of migration architecture flexible enough to evolve with these changes throughout the project time span.
At Suntaeg we’re proud to have been entrusted with this project and to have exceeded our client’s ROI expectations on this complex project!


Suntaeg provided a project team for all phases of the Customer, Customer Service and Order Care data migration project: analysis, architecture, data modeling, development and quality assurance as well as project scoping and project management. Using our proven ETL, data integration and data quality assurance methodologies, we implemented a flexible, robust, integrated, data migration solution. As part of this solution, we also implemented a set of ‘Continuous Data Quality Monitoring’ processes from source to target. This component ensures that ‘uncleaned’ or ‘unqualified’ data’ do not make it to the new system, but ar instead directed to an isolated output area, ensuring data integrity per customer entity.

  • Provide a sufficient volume of data into the new system  for Call Centre operations based on volume requirements defined by different business and revenue groups
  • Implementation of performance measures and applications to enhance productivity of call centre agents and operations, directly linked to company revenues and performance
  • Implementation of processes to validate and control data quality in the Customer Service and Order Care system to enhance the customer experience by ensuring  the smooth running of customer care operational systems
  • Extra leverage and better ROI by using the flexible architecture to service business intelligence reports in areas of customer data, call centre operations and performance as well as order management