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Suntaeg Energy and its solar solutions

Company Profile

After a market analysis and preliminary research started in 2013, Suntaeg decided to diversify its activities by developing its own platform to offer state-of-the-art renewable energy services, in particular solar power, to satisfy energy needs in West Africa. Suntaeg then developed technology partnerships to collaboratively select solutions tailored to the needs of its customers and opened its Suntaeg Energy office in Dakar in 2015.
We currently have many achievements across Senegal, which demonstrate in the context of climate change, the relevance of our new model for universal access to electricity, particularly suited to the electrification of isolated rural areas. See www.suntaegenergy.com

Business Challenge

As elsewhere in West Africa, solar power does not seem to keep its promises in rural areas of Senegal. In order to insure the success of its off-grid solar projects, it is imperative that communities no longer be seen as user-payers of electricity but as producers and users of clean energy. An essential development of local skills must accompany the transfer of technologies and our approach aims to create, with the support of our technological platform, a new business ecosystem and a value chain that are both efficient, profitable and generating qualified and attractive jobs for all in the new sustainable energy and IT occupations. The challenges are both technological and human to automate new business processes taking into account the rules and constraints of international markets and local cultures.


Suntaeg develops an innovative technological solution for universal access to electricity, without expensive investments or long infrastructures to install, with an energy efficiency in relation to energy consumption, ensuring a high degree of autonomy, at low price and scalable to the needs. This is achieved by a profile of the user established after a personalized evaluation of his needs; optimized functions for recording, storing, accessing and transmitting performance and usage data for operation monitoring, diagnosis and repair; an interface and communication functions to meet the information and training needs of the different categories of users (end user, administrator, technician, etc.), both locally and remotely; and a link to a Suno Virtual Network for access to resources and technical support in real time.


Suntaeg's platform is designed to enable accessibility, intelligent management and sustainability of renewable energy production and consumption in an efficient and cost-effective manner by transferring knowledge and skills to local communities for ownership Photovoltaic technologies, their proper use and maintenance.
It gives us the opportunity to collect valuable primary data on populations too often overlooked by technologies and AI, their characteristics, their needs, their production and consumption of solar energy, but also on their knowledge as well as their transfer methods, and learning.