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Master Data Management


Master data management (MDM) involves acquiring, cleansing, improving and sharing a set of data that is used by different groups or processes within your organization. MDM implementation ensures that all end users or systems have the same base data for their different uses.

At Suntaeg, we implement MDM solutions either as part of larger projects or as separate projects for integration into other systems. Examples of our recent MDM projects include:

  • Customer master for a financial institution covering commercial banking customers, investment and treasury counterparties,
  • Financial instrument  market data and ratings master for a financial/treasury institution derivatives...), integration of this MDM into a broader project that involved data governance and risk analysis (Basel), financial reporting and portfolio management
  • Partner master  (customers, vendors and suppliers) for a multi-national aerospace company.


In MDM implementations, we capitalize on our strengths in our areas of expertise: data integration, data quality/data cleansing and matching, data modelling and architecture, efficient data sharing and distribution strategies, etc.

Using our proven experience, we can help you identify whether you need to implement MDM within your project or organization right at the roadmap, scoping or preliminary analysis phase, so there are no surprises!