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Data Conversion


Whether you are moving from old legacy systems to a new system or changing from one database management system to another, Suntaeg is the one-stop consulting firm that provides all the services required to implement the best possible solution for your data migration or data conversion project.

We have successfully implemented highly complex data migration projects in cases where others have failed and where even the clients had doubts about the technical feasibility of the project!

Examples of recent data migration implementations include:

  • Data migration for a manufacturing system from multi-source legacy systems to an ERP SAP system. This project involved very complex data objects such as Parts Master, Manufacturing Bill of Materials, Routing and other complex data domains and processes in the aerospace industry.
  • Data migration from a legacy client management system to a new customer relationship management (CRM) system for a convergent multi-product telecommunications provider. This project was implemented in parallel to the development / packaging of the new CRM system as well as on-going development and changes to the legacy system pending decommissioning and rollover to the new CRM system.


At the core of our data migration solution is our data integration methodology. Combined with our unique approach of integrating automated, ‘back-end’ data quality assurance and reporting, we ensure that data migrated to the target environment is the cleanest you can get.

We provide end-to-end implementation of data migration projects.

Our experienced, hands-on project delivery team can meet your needs in the following areas:

  • Project roadmap, scope, data migration strategy and preliminary analysis to define and recommend a full project implementation strategy, including a decommissioning strategy for legacy systems,  overall cost estimate and measurable ROI at each step.
  • Technology analysis and recommendations on the right tools.
  • Data integration / ETL architecture and implementation, based on industry standards and customized for your IT environment and business requirements, with an emphasis on capacity planning, performance and scalability.
  • Data modelling and physical database implementation for each point or domain in the data migration process flow
  • Data cleansing / data quality strategy and implementation, including data quality reporting directly in the migration process flow
  • Overall testing strategy and its implementation.

Business case in telecom area