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Data Integration & ETL

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Data integration involves combining data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources through multiple transformations to prepare the data for loading into diverse target systems or to provide it directly to end users or other processes within the organization.

At Suntaeg, data integration is at the core of our professional practice: we offer operational data integration, analytical data integration, data conversion and migration integration services.

Our preferred data integration architecture is Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL, complex hub-and-spoke), but we also implement other data integration architectures, including Replication, Queuing and Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA).

Data integration is central to most projects, and with our experience implementing complex data integration solutions, we have the necessary skill set to provide you with the best data integration architecture that supports re-use, high productivity and performance, collaboration, easy maintenance and plug-in of new interfaces and future data sources.

In all data integration architectures that we implement, our methodology involves embedding data quality assurance controls and reporting at each step of the process flow: ensuring and reporting on the quality of all data that is loaded to the target systems.

Our approach is not tied to a particular technology: Suntaeg project team members are experts in most of the standard ETL technologies on the market (Datastage, Pentaho, Informatica, Oracle, etc.) and have built customized ETL tools in high-volume environments.

We can help you decide which tools or ETL platform are the best fit for your organization based on your business needs, standards in your industry and, of course, your existing IT infrastructure.